Monday, October 17, 2016

GERTRUDE B. FOSTER 1920 - 1997 Herbalist

In the month of November we celebrate the birthday of Bunny Foster, editor of The Herb Grower Magazine, which was published by my parents, Phil Foster, the printer and Bunny, the writer. 

During WWII the supply of reliable herb seeds from Europe was interrupted giving Bunny and Phil a reason to start their herb seed business. In 1946 with the war won the first issue of the Magazine was released. 

In 1943 Bunny authored a booklet titled, It Is Easy to Grow Herbs, to encourage people to grow their own garden of herbs from seed.  Here are two paragraphs from page one of that booklet.

Perhaps this brief account of some of the herbs we have grown and loved may inspire you to discover for yourself the new fields of adventure they have opened for us.

You may gain a new enthusiasm for cooking with herbs at hand to enhance favorite dishes or transform less palatable ones.  Botany and history come alive through the fascinating lore surrounding these age-old plants.  In the gardens of the early colonies sweet herbs (for flavoring), pot herbs (vegetables) and simples (medicinal herbs) mingled happily to provide savor, sustenance, and physic. 

The pictures of Bunny and her garden were taken in Falls Village, CT in 1966.

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