Monday, April 25, 2011

Free seed starting containers

Although our family did not have a television set until I was 11 years old, I remember  watching Captain Kangaroo.  A regular feature of the show was a demonstration of how to use found objects to create something useful or artistic.  Whenever I see discarded items I always try to think of another way to use the trash, rather than add it to the dump. 
Gardening provides wonderful opportunities for reuse of discarded containers.  This picture has summer savory in a foam egg tray, dill in half an orange juice jug, shallots in a clear plastic box with vent holes that held strawberries, scented geranium cuttings in plastic cups and parsley in foam coffee cups.  All these containers were washed out and those without drainage had holes punched in the bottom.
After the plants have been transplanted to the garden the containers marked for recycling will be washed again and added to the bin for Wednesday’s pick up.  If not, they will finally be added to the trash heap.